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Strangers at Home

In Europe, waves of immigrants have renewed feelings of resentment towards people with darker skin and “strange-sounding” names. The ongoing economic crisis has led some politicians to search for scapegoats in traditionally ostracized communities like the Roma and Jews. Extremist voices are gaining political power, inspiring white Europeans to take to the streets to “claim back” their place in Europe. As a result, millions of people in Europe are feeling like strangers at home.

Storytellers throughout Europe are documenting the growing feelings of xenophobia in their own countries. Strangers at Home features short films by a range of talented people in Europe – filmmakers, writers, cartoonists, musicians, scholars, as well as average citizens.

Number of migrants who’ve died trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2016:

number of refugees/migrants on the Balkan Route entering Europe in 2015:

Percentage of people with anti-Semitic beliefs in Western Europe in 2015:

Average percentage of Europeans with Anti-Roma views in 2014: